The Weather Network, "Killer shrimp could move into Great Lakes"                                                                                              12 Feb 2015, "Killer shrimp could invade the Great Lakes"                                                                                                       7 Feb 2015

CBC (Montreal, QC), interviewed by M. Montgomery on paper on future of Great Lakes invasions                                                2 Feb 2015

McGill website, interviewed by M. Enguix on paper on future of Great Lakes invasions                                                                 29 Jan 2015

- Terra Informa, (Edmonton, AB) episode 7-37, interviewed by R. Rooney on MSc work                                                                16 May 2010

- CityTV (Calgary, AB), interviewed on my MSc work                                                                                                                     10 June 2008

- The Boundary (Pincher Creek, AB), interviewed by J. Mercer on MSc work                                                                                 16 May 2008

- EKOS Communications Inc., interviewed by R. Searle on MSc work                                                                                              7 May 2008

- CBC, Quirks and Quarks, supervisor interviewed by B. Mackenzie on Honors thesis work                                                           5 April 2008